Ladies of FYC

Ladies of FYC
  • FYC Shots

    Erika Molina

    I’m Erika, aka FYC Shots (Formerly InnovateShots). I’m excited to be apart of the #FYCFam. This is my first org that I will be representing and I’ve been friends with my team before we came together, so it’s like family at this point. Born in Chicago, but have lived in NC, in and Cali. My family put me onto gaming since I was old enough to maneuver a handheld device. Both of my parents are gamers as well as my other brothers and sisters. I’ve played gears 1 and 2 here and there, but I didn’t fully immerse myself into the game until the third installment. It’s been my favorite game since. Personality-wise…. you can say I’m the team’s hot-head. One of the reasons I’m passionate about this game is because of the smack talk. Check out my streams and find out for yourself. I’m extremely sarcastic and humorous so you can’t take what I say too seriously. Looking forward, I can’t wait for the next LAN event and to evolve with the team. As a whole, we are definitely going to be entertaining to watch, so keep an eye out....Read More

  • UserDeleted

    ...Read More

  • CaliSnow

    Cassie Ramshaw

    My name is Cassie but most just call me Cali. Born and raised in Southern California. Full time variety streamer on Mixer. Competitive Gears of War player since 2007. Killin the game since '89....Read More

  • goregeousxo

    Cait Terpstra

    Hi :) I play video games on a competitive level. I like music, wine, tattoos, food, art, music, travel, cats and my friends. I am a coach/alternate for the rest of the season....Read More

  • FYC Strafes

    Queen Strafes

    Hello peeps! I’m Strafes and I’m the Hype-man. I’m 18 , love Disneyland, Sharks, and Gears of War (obviously). I’ve been playing since I was a kid, so I’m a trained little assassin...Read More